Red Clapp’s Favorite Pear Tree


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The Red Clapp’s Favorite pear tree was discovered in the 1950s as a “sport” which produced a branch of red pears on a green Clapp’s Favorite pear tree in a Missouri orchard. The Red Clapp’s Favorite pear is a very handsome, almost clear red fruit, that would look great in espaliered form. Red Clapp’s Favorite pears are fine, melting, juicy with a sweet pleasing flavor. The tree is fairly vigorous with dark shoots and pleasing foliage. We find the Red Clapp’s Favorite pear the best tasting of the red pear trees. Can be eaten crisp off the tree.

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Uses:  Fresh eating

USDA Growing Zones: 4 to 10

Bloom Period: Early Midseason

Pollination Requirement: Self-Fertile

Harvest Period: Midseason 

Grown on  OHxF 87 Rootstock


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