Highland Pear


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Highland pear was selected from a progeny of 119 seedlings of a cross of Bartlett x Comice made in 1944 by Dr. George Oberle. The fruit is yellow with a slight russet and has an excellent texture. The flesh is smooth and rich with flavor. Trees are very hardy and productive.  Harvest late into  fall and ripen off the tree for great flavor enjoyed to early spring. The Highland pear tree name was selected following the tradition of naming pears after a location in New York.  Cornell University’s Hudson Valley Lab is located in Highland, NY.

This is a four-year old tree that has been cut to between 7-8 feet tall.

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USDA Zones: 4 to 10

Organic: Yes

Harvest Period: Very Late

Bloom Period: Midseason

Pollination Requirement: Requires a different variety with the same bloom period.

Origin Date: New York 1944

Grown on rootstock OHxF 87


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