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Traditionally the French plum was dried and kept over a long period of time when refrigerators did not exist and winter meant months with few fruits or vegetables. Prunes were almost as precious as salt and were used to bargain wages during the 15th century. The French Prune tree was introduced to the States by Pierre and Louis Pellier, brothers who went to California for the Gold Rush, started a nursery business near San Jose in 1856 with plum cuttings they brought from France. Today the French prune plum tree are sought by connoisseurs around the world. The French prune is very sweet, rich flavor with tender, fine-textured flesh. Medium-sized prune plum of red to violet purple skin over amber flesh. Delicious for eating fresh, baking, chutneys, and drying.

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USDA Zones: 5 to 9

Organic: Yes

Harvest Period: Late

Bloom Period: Late

Pollination Requirement: Self-Fertile

Origin Date: California 1850`s

Rootstock: Mariana (semi-dwarf)


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