Butirra Precoce Moretini Pear Tree


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Butirra Precoce Moretini pear tree is one of the best early pears. The B.P. Moretini pears are juicy, rich, sweet-spicy with vibrant white flesh. Butirra Precoce Moretini pear tree naturally forms a wide pyramidal shape. It fruits early, regularly and bountifully. Fruits are middle to large and have a traditional pear shape. Fruits skin is pretty thin, smooth, dry and shinny, with a basic light green coloration that turns into green-yellow with bright redness on the exposed side while ripening. It’s of extraordinary quality. It can be kept in refrigeration for a month. Vigorous grower and a heavy cropper.

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Uses:  Fresh eating

USDA Growing Zones: 5 to 9

Bloom Period: Midseason

Pollination Requirement: Requires a different variety with the same bloom time.

Harvest Period: Early

Grown on OHxF 87 Rootstock


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