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Api Etoile apple tree originally appeared in France in approximately 1628 and later made its way across the channel to England where it became extremely popular, decorating Victorian tables. The Api Etoile apple tree is a rare apple, small and attractive, brightly flushed red over the yellow skin. Very unusual oblate (flattened) shape looking like a rounded star from the end. The Api Etoile apple is a little larger than the Lady apple, but with many similarities in growth habit and flavor. The Api Etoile is an excellent dessert apple with strong aromatics combined with sufficient acid and a sweet zesty taste. It’s a powerful punch of flavor when perfectly ripe, mellows in storage to a fine dessert apple. The Api Etoile apple tree ripens very late.

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Uses:  Fresh Eating, Cooking, Cider, and Sauces

USDA Growing Zones: 5 to 9

Bloom Period: Midseason

Pollination Requirement: Requires different variety with same bloom period

Harvest Period: Very Late

Grown on M111 Semi-dwarf rootstock


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